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Good Food for Everyone with Natural Contents Kitchen

Meet Danielle Gaebel

Natural Contents Kitchen

Self-proclaimed fast food junky turned real food lover.

After a lifetime of “conventional” eating and cooking, Danielle, along with the support of her wife, Jennifer, and their two children, Geri and Jason, transformed her family’s life using a whole foods organic approach. Plagued with health issues, she was determined to change what they were eating to ultimately aid in their collective wellness.

Danielle and Jennifer have devoted the past six years to leading a healthy lifestyle; the couples thought, care and love for what they do is felt with every bite consumed...

Natural Contents’ food philosophy is simple. Good food for everyone. Clean, unadulterated ingredients sourced seasonally from local and regional farms rooted in organic practice for an Eat Better Feel Better approach to living - prepared with love, Radical Homemaker style :)