Why is the Market Moving?

The new Narrowsburg Farmers’ Market has no affiliation with previous markets that took place in Narrowsburg. This market is a continuation of the 14 successful years of the Barryville Farmers’ Market. It is still managed by the non-profit Barryville Greenmarket Foundation and it will include the same excellent line up of vendors.

On behalf of all the Barryville Farmers' Market vendors, I want to thank the Barryville community for your support over these past 14 years. We are proud of our strong relationships with all of our customers and so appreciative of your support. We are also proud that the market became a community gathering place on Saturday mornings. We do not want to move but we were forced to make the difficult decision to move to Narrowsburg and this is why:

Our agreement with our previous landlord was not renewed. This started a 2 month investigation into all possible locations. There are many considerations when choosing a market location which are not necessarily apparent:

  1. The layout has to allow enough room for vendor stalls, vendor vehicles and overstock product

  2. There has to be ample parking which is clear, safe, and convenient.

  3. We need plenty of room for customers of all ages to navigate the market

  4. There needs to be a clear and long-term term relationship with the host

  5. We need consistent access to the site every Saturday from May thru October.

As farmers, producers, and artisans this is our livelihood. Selling directly to our community is a very fulfilling way to make a living because we can meet each and every one of you, tell you the stories of our products and form such strong personal relationships, while deepening your connection to your food. As we have deliberated about the change of location that was forced on us, we desperately wanted to stay in Barryville. However, none of the potential sites met the above criteria. This is a monumental decision that affects all of our businesses and of course the community. While Narrowsburg is not as convenient for the residents of Barryville and the surrounding towns, it is my sincere hope that you will continue to support the market and all that it represents.

We are very thankful to Kathy and Brendan Weiden of The Narrowsburg Union for welcoming us.

We look forward to seeing our Barryville customers in Narrowsburg and to forging new relationships with Narrowsburg residents.

See you in May!

Greg Swartz, Manager